Option 1: Website/social media only $875
Option 2: Illustration with website/social media $1,200

We Provide 3 months of advertising to companies and sponsorships to be displayed on our personal fitness cards (if approved by are company mission). The bonus part! We will inform you about the best part of our advertisement deals during are meeting along with details that is required before purchasing. You don’t want to miss your chance to be a part of this 1st edition deck.

You can choose either of our two options – either have your web address printed or you can add an illustration of your product along with your web address printed on your selected topic of choice that will be added to the deck. As a fitness and life coach program, you can get your product/ company sponsored on our social media page geared to our brand as it is a added bonus. Please schedule a meeting for further details before purchasing. Please note this offer is on a first come first serve basis so don’t miss your chance.

If you are interested in being contacted for the upcoming new deck release for advertisement date entry for submission. Please message us as we will update you first on NEW ADs subjects as we have to prepare content and development per Deck release.

Before purchasing ads your company must be approved along with your image of your related company item that you’re choosing to market. Before emailing for further information make sure that your business is registered and have all proper paperwork on hand. Sun biz pdf copy and employer identification number.

Talk with you soon!

Subject: Family events

Subject: Fishing stores

Subject: Skin care products

Subject: Natural skin care products (cream, oil, soaps)

Subject: Gym wear, gym gear, gym products

Subject: Nail care

Subject: Flower delivery service

Subject: Bath bombs, shower gels

Subject: Recreational parks, NGO’s

Subject: Healthy food, organic food

Subject: Podcasts, ebooks

Subject: Virtual reality products

Subject: Fun (happy themed ad)

Subject: Eye care products

Subject: Tea

Subject: Healing store (oil)

Subject: Licensed counseling (other forms of consults)

Subject: Face mask

Subject: Scented candle or book

Subject: Yoga online class or products

Subject: Arts and craft

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Tell us about your business and your advertising needs below and we will get back to you.

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