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Hey Fitness Bestie! Blessings to you!
As energy is forever changing, I hope that this message finds you in your own comfort to enlighten you on what is current and what is possible as well as adding to a mini workout out to jump start your month. Until your Fitness Deck Arrive “Because the best part is you ”
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Angel message: #6632

:wheel_of_dharma: Charka Card: The Throat Charka


Beginners workout: Sitting Twist, Side Lunges, Curls, piriformis stretch, Calf Raises


360 PG: choose which Activity that you connect with at this very moment or do all.


Affirmation/ Message Beginners card Reading:
This month’s current Energy is most definitely connecting with being Thankful for what you have as you’re taking the Leap of faith in action into this Abundance and Prosperity. As you are embodying this” You a Bad Queen ( King) Ayeeeee!” Energy this season.
Keep swimming, you’re on your way. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do this. you got this! Believe in yourself. Refocus your mindset on a new perspective and see what happens. Regardless of how tight you hold on to the past, the fact is that it’s already gone. From within the cocoon, get ready for your day to fly. You must release yourself from the pain, Guilt, Resentment, Negativity, Etc., That is keeping you from shedding your old skin.

Release this toxicity that is in your life so you can Dominate this new energy that is coming in that you passionately want. Just speak up for yourself and know that you matter for this change that is about occur between the next five – 21 days
From when you see this. Balance your energy for this stability that you seek.

#Destiny #Wish fulfillment #Action #Getting into that Bag


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Your Fitness Bestie!

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