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Hey Fitness Bestie! Blessings to you!
As energy is forever changing, I hope that this message finds you in your own comfort to enlighten you on what is current and what is possible as well  adding to a mini workout out to jump start your month. Until your Fitness Card Deck Arrives “Because the best part is you ”
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Angel message: #6560 or #560
( Use your Intuition to pick)

 Charka Card: The Root Charka: N/A

Booster workout: Standing  Leg Extension, Triceps Stretch, Fire Hydrants and Sumo Squats
Challenge Card: SAVAGE
               (100 Dips)

360 PG: choose which Activity that you connect with at this very moment or do all.

Affirmation/ Message Booster card Reading:

Don’t compare your life to others. What’s meant for you will always be Given freely, not on your terms, but on his. Just be patience. You’re on your way to success. Don’t Dim your light for others just because they don’t know how to turn on theirs. You’re manifesting this and it’s coming true.

I’m a “Savage” Challenge card moreso informs you that you need to embody  being more Fearless on your new beginning regardless the frustration and anticipation that you’re going through. Detox your self from all people,  Places and things that is not supporting what you’re manifesting in your reality as all my fitness Besties are on different journeys you were brought to this page for a reason and this is the Tea. Purify your self with water and drink daily as well do a salt bath with your favorite bathsalt. Protect your Energy with the company you keep.

Ps. We’re definitely connecting with our “1st Get Wet Challege of the year”.

self-care, self Love and being Thankful to embrace theses new changes that is heading your way.
Show gratitude to the world around you
you got this!


For more details book a private chit chat to vent or Fitness card Reading of your choice so we can Tap Into your current situation to move forward and chase your dreams until next Time.
Your Fitness Bestie!

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